Sean Gasaway Reveals Track Listing For 'Mississippi Vol. 1'

October 15, 2015
  • October 15, 2015

Sean Gasaway has revealed the track listing for Mississippi Vol. 1 which will be released November 14th. He shared the listing to his fan club through a social media campaign.

Mississippi Vol. 1 features 13 new songs, all of which Gasaway either wrote or cowrote. He also produced the album with his long time friend and hit songwriter Dan Mitchell .

"I'm so excited to finally release these songs I've been holding dear to my heart!" Gasaway said. "I want people to know how growing up in Mississippi influenced me, and I hope they hear it through my music!"

Mississippi Vol. 1 - track listing:     

1. "Little Itty Bitty Mississippi Town" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Karen Reynolds

2. "Come Get You Some" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Bobby Mckee, George Cumbest

3. "Guess I'm Goin' Back To Lonely" - Sean Gasaway, Jillian Harris

4. "She Blew Me Away" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Billy Davis

5. "Captivated" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Jillian Harris

6. "Aquaholic" - Sean Gasaway, Trey Willeford

7. "This Bar Is My Church" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Michael Garvin

8. "Hell Raisin'" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Bobby Mckee

9. "When You Come Into The Bedroom" - Sean Gasaway

10. "Love You Like You're Never Comin' Back" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell

11. "Run" - Sean Gasaway, Michael Garvin

12. "Ain't Jesus" - Sean Gasaway, Sherri Gough

Bonus Track- "The Stare Down" - Sean Gasaway