Gasaway Music Reaches Major Milestone


July 2nd, 2018. Nashville, Tn.

Gasaway Music reaches major milestone. As of June 30, 2018, the music publishing catalog owned by Sean Gasaway and administration partner Bluewater Music surpassed 100 revenue earning copyrights. Gasaway Music’s catalog is also signed with ASCAP and has sub publishing deals worldwide. 

 “I want to give a heartfelt thank you to my admin Bluewater Music who is out there everyday getting us our royalties and taking care of business, the amazing recording artists cutting our songs, ASCAP, all of my co-writers, independent and major record label partners, publishing partners, radio friends, music supervisors, corporate sponsors, and businesses that license our music. You all rock!!” Gasaway said. “To my wife and children, I wouldn’t have ever reached this milestone without you. You believe in me so much and it has never wavered. The ability to roll the dice everyday with you having my back means the world to me, and gives me to comfort to take risks most folks aren’t willing to take to live their dream. I love y’all!”

Gasaway Music is based out of Nashville, Tennessee and is actively licensing music for commercial release, corporations, advertising, radio, movies, television, and national sports.