Gasaway penned “Left Right Left” wins 2018 Native American Music Awards Single Of The Year


Nashville, TN.  

“Left Right Left” by Mickie James featuring the Ying Yang Twins recently won the 2018 Native American Music Association and Awards Single Of The Year. The song was penned by South Mississippi natives Sean Gasaway and Brandon Green. 

“Brandon and I we’re working on some uptempo country songs for several publishers when the opportunity to write a new single for Mickie came along.” Gasaway said. “He had this great hook idea and I was singing a melody and we wrote it in an hour! Not long after we sent it to Mickie her label called asking for extra bars in the solo, so we added some music, and it shocked us both when we heard The Ying Yang Twins rapping on the track a month or so later!”  

“Left Right Left” was released in the spring, and has been a summer hit for Mickie. Mickie James is a Superstar Women’s Wrestler with the WWE, as well as a National Recording Artist with SMG Music and Sony/Columbia. 


Gasaway Music Reaches Major Milestone


July 2nd, 2018. Nashville, Tn.

Gasaway Music reaches major milestone. As of June 30, 2018, the music publishing catalog owned by Sean Gasaway and administration partner Bluewater Music surpassed 100 revenue earning copyrights. Gasaway Music’s catalog is also signed with ASCAP and has sub publishing deals worldwide. 

 “I want to give a heartfelt thank you to my admin Bluewater Music who is out there everyday getting us our royalties and taking care of business, the amazing recording artists cutting our songs, ASCAP, all of my co-writers, independent and major record label partners, publishing partners, radio friends, music supervisors, corporate sponsors, and businesses that license our music. You all rock!!” Gasaway said. “To my wife and children, I wouldn’t have ever reached this milestone without you. You believe in me so much and it has never wavered. The ability to roll the dice everyday with you having my back means the world to me, and gives me to comfort to take risks most folks aren’t willing to take to live their dream. I love y’all!”

Gasaway Music is based out of Nashville, Tennessee and is actively licensing music for commercial release, corporations, advertising, radio, movies, television, and national sports. 


Sean Gasaway Joins The Last Honkytonk Music Series


Nashville, TN. 

Sean Gasaway joins the Last Honkytonk Music Series. Gasaway will be adding tour dates from Texas to Pennsylvania and all points in between in 2018 and beyond. 

 “It’s a great music series with extremely supportive sponsors including Dat Sauce, some amazing talent, and a growing number of venues across the country!” Gasaway said. “I’m so honored that Brigitte London and her team extended the invitation to me, and I will do them proud!”

Sean will not only be performing, but he will be offering his industry expertise teaching seminars dealing with Music Publishing, Licensing, and starting Record Labels. You can find out more by visiting and



Sean Gasaway Penned Song “Shooting Blanks” wins 2017 NAMA Song Of The Year

Courtesy of Native American Music Awards/ Carol Johnson 

Courtesy of Native American Music Awards/ Carol Johnson 

Nashville, TN.

WWE Superstar and SMG National Recording Artist Mickie James, along with Songwriters Sean Gasaway and Pam Sheyne, won Song Of The Year at the 2017 Native American Music Association and Awards for her single “Shooting Blanks”.

“I can’t begin to put into words what an honor this is!”  Gasaway said. “When I got the text from Mickie that our song won, I about died! I’ve been on cloud nine, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever come down!”

Mickie James was also inducted into the Native American Music Association Hall Of Fame, and is currently touring the world with World Wrestling Entertainment while finishing up her new album. 


Sean Gasaway/ Jamey Perrenot Partnership Inks Deal With FirstCom/ Universal Music Group

Nashville, TN.

Songwriting and production partners Sean Gasaway and Jamey Perrenot sign exclusive, multi song deal with FirstCom/Universal Music Group. The songs will be part of an extensive catalog and will be used in movies, television and tv commercials worldwide.

"I'm just honored that Jamey reached out to me when the opportunity came to light", said Gasaway. "We even got to co-write with country star and song writer Danielle Peck! I am still in awe!".

The songs were written and recorded at Perrenot's studio in the East Nashville Historic District. No official release information has been specified at the time of this release.



Producer Sean Gasaway, WWE Superstar/ SMG Recording Artist Mickie James, Producer Jamey Perrenot

Sean Gasaway Set To Release New Single "The Puerto Rico Song"


Sean Gasaway is set to release a new single called "The Puerto Rico Song". Gasaway recently signed a single song recording deal partnership with Janco Records, an independent record label based out of Nashville, TN. and Ruston, Louisiana. 

"I'm super excited about this song written by my friends Jan Houck and Sam Thomas!" Gasaway said. "I think it will be a smash in the Trop Rock and Contemporary markets, and I am looking forward to its debut any time now. My fans around the world will be digging it for sure!"

Janco Records, in partnership with Bell Records Caribbean has not set the official date of release yet, but are confident of a late February date. 


Sean Gasaway Set To Release "Little Itty Bitty Mississippi Town" To National Radio

Photo by Sharon Elkins Photography  

Photo by Sharon Elkins Photography  

For Immediate Release

Nashville, Tn. 

Mississippi Singer Songwriter Sean Gasaway has announced that he will release "Little Itty Bitty Mississippi Town" to North American radio markets July 1st. 

"I'm ecstatic! The radio version of "Little Itty Bitty Mississippi Town" is incredible, and I can't wait for the world to hear it!" 

Gasaway will also be releasing another new track called "DD" and both will be available for digital download worldwide on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play, ect. 


"She Blew Me Away" Making Massive Radio Impact Across The UK


Nashville, TN. Sean Gasaway's "She Blew Me Away" is making a massive impact across the UK. KEMC Global, who is promoting the record, has been working the single since January. 

"It's been a slow climb, but radio ads continue to pour in" Gasaway said. "Every week there are more and more radio stations coming on board, I can't help but be blown away! Literally!!" 

Gasaway recently released the single to select stations in the United States testing it. "I am almost certain it will be released in America as well, along with a couple of other songs off of my album. Exciting times ahead!"

The single and album is available at all digital retail outlets across the world. 


Sean Gasaway Enters Non Exclusive Partnership with TuneShop Productions


Nashville, TN. Sean Gasaway and Steve Pope, CEO of TuneShop Productions, have agreed to enter into a non exclusive song plugging partnership.

"I am excited to be able to work with Steve", Gasaway said. "I am even more excited that he believes in a part of my catalog enough to plug them to his colleagues around town! I have no doubt we will get some Major cuts from this venture!"

Steve Pope is a music industry veteran, Record Executive, Record Producer, and Publisher in his own right. His company, TuneShop Productions, is based in Nashville and specializes in working with great artists, development, and getting hit songs to Major Record Labels and Recording Artists. 


Sean Gasaway's Song "When I'm Not In Love With You" Scores Single Song Agreement With SNG Music LLP

For the second time in a month, Sean Gasaway scores another Single Song Agreement, this one with SNG Music LLP. Sean cowrote the song with hit songwriter Steve Leslie, President SNG Music LLP, and Marianne Allison, Recording Artist and Staff Writer for SNG Music LLP.

"The last four weeks have been a God send for me. Gasaway said. "Securing back to back SSA deals with two great publishers, I am literally on cloud nine!" 

Sean is currently writing as an independent songwriter and publisher, Gasaway Music, and is plugging songs to various Major Recording Artists and Publishers all over the world.  


Sean Gasaway's "Where We Are" Lands Single Song Agreement With Big Gap Music

Sean Gasaway and Vicki Podus Jacobs, CEO of Big Gap Music, have entered into a Single Song Publishing Agreement for the song "Where We Are". 

"I am so excited about this opportunity, and we are looking to land a major cut on this song" Gasaway said. 

Big Gap Music is a Nashville, Tennessee based Publishing Company, who's team brings years of experience and relationships with some of the industries top music executives and recording artists.

 "Where We Are is a special song to me and my cowriter Jillian Harris, and we know it's in the best hands now to get it out to the world!!"


Sean Gasaway Joins Spring/Summer Tour Dates With Cowboy Troy

Cowboy Troy

Cowboy Troy

Sean Gasaway

Sean Gasaway

Nashville, TN. 

Sean Gasaway has joined Hick Hop Federation's Cowboy Troy for several  Spring and Summer dates across North America. 

"I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be performing with Troy all over the country" Gasaway said while headed to Illinois for their first run. "I'm going to give it all I got and spread some Mississippi love to the Hick Hop Nation!"

Sean Gasaway- "She Blew Me Away" Impacting UK Radio Now!

January 8, 2016- United Kingdom/ Nashville, TN.   

January 8, 2016- United Kingdom/ Nashville, TN.


KEMC Global in partnership with Bell Records Nashville released "She Blew Me Away" to major radio in the UK, impacting now!

This is Gasaway's 6th major radio single as a songwriter in the last two years and first release as an artist. 

"It's a dream come true, and another example of hard work paying off." Gasaway said. "There's so much left to do, but I am so blessed to be able to do what I love!"



January 4, 2016 - United Kingdom

January 4, 2016 - United Kingdom

January 8th will be the worldwide radio release of Gasaway's debut single "She Blew Me Away" off of his new album 'Mississippi Vol. 1'.

"Everything is starting to roll and I couldn't be more excited about my European and worldwide release!" said Gasaway. "And my European friends will finally be able to download my album on iTunes!"

Gasaway expects to follow up this release with a tour overseas later this year. "I can't wait wait to give the world a little taste of Mississippi!"


North American Release Date Set for Sean Gasaway's 'Mississippi Vol. 1'

October 30, 2015  
  • October 30, 2015  

North American release date set for Sean Gasaway's 'Mississippi Vol. 1'. 

Sean Gasaway and Bell Records Nashville announced today that the pre-sale for 'Mississippi Vol. 1' is set for November 13th on iTunes. Four tracks from Gasaway's album will be available for purchase on iTunes that date. The full release to all major music retail outlets will be November 20th.

 "I am so excited this is finally coming together!" Gasaway said. "Our partnership with Digital Delivery Services is key to making my album available at all major retailers in North America, and I'm so blessed to have this team!"

The pre-sale tracks available for purchase November 13th, "She Blew Me Away", "Little Itty Bitty Mississippi Town", "Captivated", and "This Bar Is My Church" is one day before Gasaway's CD Release Party at Hard Rock Casino Biloxi, MS.


Sean Gasaway Reveals Track Listing For 'Mississippi Vol. 1'

October 15, 2015
  • October 15, 2015

Sean Gasaway has revealed the track listing for Mississippi Vol. 1 which will be released November 14th. He shared the listing to his fan club through a social media campaign.

Mississippi Vol. 1 features 13 new songs, all of which Gasaway either wrote or cowrote. He also produced the album with his long time friend and hit songwriter Dan Mitchell .

"I'm so excited to finally release these songs I've been holding dear to my heart!" Gasaway said. "I want people to know how growing up in Mississippi influenced me, and I hope they hear it through my music!"

Mississippi Vol. 1 - track listing:     

1. "Little Itty Bitty Mississippi Town" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Karen Reynolds

2. "Come Get You Some" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Bobby Mckee, George Cumbest

3. "Guess I'm Goin' Back To Lonely" - Sean Gasaway, Jillian Harris

4. "She Blew Me Away" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Billy Davis

5. "Captivated" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Jillian Harris

6. "Aquaholic" - Sean Gasaway, Trey Willeford

7. "This Bar Is My Church" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Michael Garvin

8. "Hell Raisin'" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell, Bobby Mckee

9. "When You Come Into The Bedroom" - Sean Gasaway

10. "Love You Like You're Never Comin' Back" - Sean Gasaway, Dan Mitchell

11. "Run" - Sean Gasaway, Michael Garvin

12. "Ain't Jesus" - Sean Gasaway, Sherri Gough

Bonus Track- "The Stare Down" - Sean Gasaway


Category 5 Movie Features Sean Gasaway written song "Till It Breaks My Heart"

Marianne co wrote the song in Nashville with Songwriter and Producer Sean Gasaway, Anna LaPrad Clifford, and Emily Randolph (The Voice 2013).

Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Marianne Allison is set to debut her new release "Till It Breaks My Heart" world-wide. Her song "Till It Breaks My Heart" is featured in the new movie, Category 5.

The major motion picture "Category 5″, starring Burt Reynolds and C.Thomas Howell recently opened in European Markets to rave reviews and is set for world-wide release April 2014.